• Friday June 02,2023
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    India aims to export around 30 million tonnes of coal to Bangladesh and Sri Lanka each year starting from 2030,according to plan drafted by Indian coal ministry on June 1.

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    As temperatures continue to rise in many parts of S China, the regional electricity demand is steadily increasing. As of May 31, the Southern Power Grid logged the peak power load at a near-record 222 GW. On May 30, the power load in the Guangzhou power grid exceeded 20 GW for the first time this year, reaching 21.15 GW, an increase of over 20% YoY.

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    Russia's coal production rose for the third consecutive month in April, according to data from the Russian Federal State Statistics Service. The country's coal output reached 36.7 million tonnes in April, up 0.68% from March and 6.84% year over year.

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    According to the data released by the Yunnan Provincial Meteorological Observatory on Jun 1, the precipitation in Yunnan during May 16-31 averaged 11.8mm, down 48.3mm from years' normal for the same period. This is the lowest for the same period since 1961. At the same time, the average temperature in the province was 23.1 degrees Celsius, which is 1.9 degrees Celsius higher than the normal level for the same period. It is the third highest for the same period since 1961, with the highest temperatures at 18 monitoring stations surpassing historical records.

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    Guangdong Electric Power Development Co., Ltd, one of major power producers in China, said the procurement of imported coal is determined based on national policies and the actual needs of power plants. As of the end of Apr 2023, imported coal accounted for approximately 50% of the company's coal supply, it said on May 31 during a research visit.

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    Thailand's thermal coal (bituminous and sub-bituminous coal) imports in April slumped 44.9% year on year and 41.1% month on month to 1.12 million tonnes, the lowest since February 2022, customs data showed.

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    Coal India Ltd., India's largest state-run coal miner, reported its coal production rise 9.51% year on year to 59.9 million tonnes in May, up 3.99% month on month, the company said in a statement.

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    Turkey's coal imports in April rose 17.74% on the year but dropped 39.14% on the month to 2.43 million tonnes, marking the lowest level since June 2022, showed data from Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK).

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    India's power producers imported 4.79 million tonnes of thermal coal in April, climbing 8.82% from 4.40 million tonnes in the same month last year but sliding 0.15% from 4.79 million tonnes in March, data from the Central Electricity Authority (CEA).

  • Thursday June 01,2023
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    The Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI) in China's steel sector, an economic indicator for the industry, fell to 35.2 in May, marking the third straight month of decline after returning to expansion territory in February for the first time since May 2020, according to the latest data released by the China Steel Logistics Professionals Committee (CSLPC).

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    Vietnam's state power producer EVN said the El Ni?o phenomenon and high temperatures have affected water levels in hydropower stations. Among the 47 large-scale stations in Vietnam, 11 have reached or are nearing the deadwater level, where water cannot flow downstream from the dams to generate electricity. As a result, Vietnam may face power shortages during the summer, potentially exacerbating the country's reliance on coal to meet the increasing electricity demand. However, financially struggling EVN may lack sufficient funds to rapidly increase coal imports.

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    The Indian gov't plans to sell a stake of up to 3% in Coal India Ltd, it said in a filing on May 31. The plan entails selling up to 1.5% of the company's stake in Jun 1-2, with an option to sell an additional 1.5%.

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    S Africa exported 7.27 Mt of coal in Apr, up 48.68% YoY and 19.24% MoM, hitting a new high since Dec 2019, showed data from the country's customs.

  • Wednesday May 31,2023
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    Due to the influence of the subtropical high-pressure system and Typhoon Mawar, temperatures in Guangxi have been soaring in recent days. After two days of blue-coded heatwave warnings, Guangxi raised the warning to a yellow-coded level on May 30. It is forecasted that on May 31, most parts of Guangxi will experience high temperatures ranging from 35 to 38 degrees Celsius, with some areas exceeding 39 degrees Celsius. As of 12:16 on May 31, Guangxi has issued a total of 65 high-temperature warnings, covering the entire region.

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    China's official manufacturing PMI fell to 48.8 in May from 49.2 in April, while the non-manufacturing gauge fell to 54.5 from 56.4.

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